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Malnutrition in Elderly: How We Can Help

Malnutrition in Elderly: How We Can Help

Malnutrition in the elderly population is an important area of concern that EldoradoWest Senior Living is striving to reduce. This issue contributes to a progressive decline in health, increased utilization of healthcare services, premature institutionalization, and increased mortality.

Nutritional deficiencies can be caused by several reasons—such as aging, disease, poor dental health, medications, limited income, limited access to food, and depression. A great way to address these reasons is to look into an assisted living facility in Little Elm, Texas.

Our skilled caregivers in a residential care home in Texas can provide your elderly with daily meals, ensuring the nutritional value of every food your elderly eats. They also help manage your elderly’s medication, keep tabs on the status of their health, and also satisfy their need for companionship.

The hospice service we provide allows seniors to interact with other people, make new friends, and create new memories. We also make their mealtimes fun and social through our unified dining. This is one good way of maintaining their connection with society and also reduce their risk of developing depression.

Having your senior’s physical, emotional, mental, and psychological health taken cared of will ultimately reduce their needs for hospital visits – which significantly lowers your expenses – and even prevent health complications.

Let your seniors enjoy their Golden Years. Call us now.

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